About Us

C.N.S.C. (Croatian National Sports Club) Windsor Croatia was established in June of 1962 to serve the Croatian-Canadian community of Windsor through the passion and love of soccer. In 2019, 57 years later, the club has grown to include 17 competitive Boys, Girls and Men’s soccer teams and also an inter club bocce league.

All this excitement takes place on almost 14 acres of land which has 5 soccer fields, a pavilion and picnic ground, children’s playground, a clubhouse and a full kitchen and barbecue and roasting facility.  Not only is C.N.S.C. Windsor Croatia a club for children and adults to play sports but it is also a gathering place for family and friends.

C.N.S.C. Windsor Croatia with its members take great pride in what we have and it is shown through all the hard work and donated time of our members.  In the past 50 years all the work put into this club has come from volunteers expecting nothing in return except a sense of achievement.  From coaching, managing, serving, cleaning, landscaping, and construction, it has all been done out of the love for the game and for the name “Croatia”. Throughout the years the club has been supported by many local companies and businesses for which that the club greatly appreciates this and will never forget the generosity and loyalty.

Field Map
4895 8th Concession Rd,
 Windsor, ON N0R 1K0